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Check out highlights

from the

Regional Roundup 2022

Video by DJ Evans

Video by DJ Evans

The Legend of Ike Potter

performed at the

Regional Roundup 2022

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Roundup 2022 Pictures

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Regional Roundup!

Photos by Angela Hirschi

Our Mission

Please watch this short video to learn about NS Unite, our mission, and how we are helping promote arts and culture in the North Summit Area.

North Summit Unite is a group of energized residents who are passionate about preserving and retaining the unique culture of the North Summit area. We want to help shape a community driven and informed vision for our future.

Please view our community calendar to see upcoming events in the North Summit area!

Community Events

Here is a fantastic example of community events that North Summit Unite would like to promote and facilitate.

Rockport Annual Dam Jam

Community Survey

Please read the following document to learn about the results of our Community Survey.

2022_NS Unite Data Analysis Report_FINAL.pdf